Split/Second: Wait; I Want The Plane To Crash?!

Hearing a description of Split/Second makes you think it will just be a new racer with a silly gimmick and that it will pass by without much fanfare.  Seeing it in motion, however, is another matter entirely.


Split/Second is absolutely gorgeous looking.  All of the information the player needs, place, lap number, etc. is on the bumper of the car.  This leaves the rest of the screen for all of the pretty pretty explosions.  The premise of the game is, players are on television show and must make it to the next episode of the season.  To do this, players have to win races.  It is during these races that Split/Second’s unique identity can be found.  Gamers can get the producers of the show to control the world around them.  Players gain the ability to trigger to these stunning and game changing events by performing well during races.  While racing through an airport a racer could make the air traffic control tower fall.  Another racer could make a new path by destroying the track from underneath their rivals.  Players can even cause an airplane to come crashing down right into the race and that is just one track!  The destruction calls for timing and strategy by gamers because a building falling on the track can destroy your car as easily as the other guys’.  This is very much an arcade racer so for gamers who do not want a simulation and are just looking to have a fun and crazy time, Split/Second looks like it will deliver in a big way.