Uncharted 2 Beta TQImpressions

I have to admit. When I first witnessed the footage of Uncharted in a multiplayer environment, I almost flipped backwards out of my chair. I wasn’t sure if the thought of adding a multiplayer to Uncharted ever even crossed my mind. Now that June 3rd (beta download date) has come and gone, and not to mention a patch on June 12th. put in hours of time into the CO-OP and VERSUS modes to bring you TQimpressions.

Uncharted 2 Beta Multiplayer Impressions


(First Thoughts)
When I first launched the beta and was eight minutes into a Versus match. The first thought that came to mind was “This actually isn’t that great or special.” Five matches, Five TQ shots and a burrito later, I was falling head over heals for the versus mode. Shows what a bit of time can do once you figure out the vertical aesthetics of the game-play and control scheme

Going vertical is this games selling point. Being able to climb on and up almost anything is what makes the gameplay so much different than most multiplayer games available. The two maps on the beta, are close to symmetrical and give no extra advantage to either team. The five on five players versus seems like the perfect number for the size of maps. The levels never felt too crowded or empty unless someone quits the match. When someone does quit the match, EVERYONE is re-spawned back at their default spawn location, which is annoying when your just one bullet away from taking someone out and the screen goes black and you’re re-spawned.

The beta offers only a few weapon choices such as Ak-47’s, M4’s, FAL’s, Grenade Launcher’s, Minigun’s, Shotguns, Riot Shield’s and 45 caliber handguns for example. My personal favorites being the F.A.L. (fires a burst of 3 rounds with each pull of the trigger) and the M4 because I learned how many bullets it takes consistently to bring an opponent down. Ah, grenades, I have a love/hate relationship with them. They are a bit overpowered and are constantly being spammed because there are so many scattered throughout the maps. Of note, the melee system takes two direct hits for a kill and a majority of the time will end up with both combatants dead

Yes, you will be doing lots of jumping, climbing, dodging and sticking to walls in this multiplayer. If you enjoy the aesthetics of the ninja, then you will love the multiplayer. Coming up from behind to choke someone out after following them through rough terrain and structural cut offs, is pure joy incarnate. The game-play seems slow at first but when you’re jumping and dodging around two enemies and come up on top. You defiantly feel like your skills are better than your opponents. One gripe, the villain’s are covered in black from head to toe which makes seeing them difficult, were as the heroes are in bright colored shirts and seem to have louder expressions when moving around which makes it seem a bit unfair. Other than the uniform colors, and the, getting stuck with teammates in door ways, this game should make it into your library for sure.

Uncharted 2 Co-op Impressions