Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen Review


Transformers was a great enjoyable romp, while not being the best film of 2007, it was just something fun. So why is it that Transformers: ROTF has decided to take it in a different direction? A bad one too. It’s perplexing to why Michael Bay decided to somehow put the plot forward for once, and give it a darker tone. Some of the charm and elegance of the original Transformers remains, but most of it seems to be faded into the distance, now replaced by some jumbly plot and a lack of basic things like plot points, plot structure and (it appears) an actual script.

In the film, it’s been two years since the Autobots pawned the Decepticons and destroyed the Allspark, all of the Allspark except two bits. So now the hunt is on for those bits and a couple of Decepticons decide it’s a good idea to find ‘the Fallen’, one of the first 13 transformers and a guy who can only be destroyed by a ‘prime’. Meanwhile, Sam Witwicky ( is moving out of his parents home and going to college, but his girlfriend Ulrika (Megan Fox) can’t come because she can’t afford it. In the end, the plot comes down to ‘saving the world’, like the last film. It would’ve been interesting to see a different motive for ‘the Fallen’, and with ‘REVENGE’ being tagged on the sub-title, you’d think it’d be directed at the Autobots… but yeah… he just wants to blow stuff up.


What makes this jumble of a plot so… pleh… is the fact that it is told in these 20 minute speeches by people or the transformers. One of them is a speech from an old mercenary transformer and all you do is hear him babble on about “GET TO THERE.” “YOU SEE WHY NOW SAM?” “YES SAM, WE MUST FIND THE ARTIFACT!”, for 20 minutes. There’s really no action in this film, just robots shooting each other in the face. With that being said, some of the action scenes are literally breathtaking and some of the scenes in this film may make you cry, although I didn’t cry because I’m a man.

Acting wise, the film performs… fairly… Shia Lebouf just dazzles around like he’s just walked on to the set, Megan Fox always tries to force the perfect ‘Baywatch’ look, the Transformers voice actors… are pretty darn good. Optimus’ voice just screams a chilling awesome and the guy who voices the Fallen just seems to echo the word ‘evil’. Overall, the acting is passable, while having a few characters that just stand around screaming at each other and the rest of them trying their best to take giant robots seriously. But may I also add that whoever plays Sam’s parents need to either get off the screen or stop just giving awkward comic relief.


A problem that Transformers: ROTF falls into is something which The Dark Knight kinda fell into. It constantly climaxes, and by constantly I mean all the time. (SPOILER) Everybody dies in this film, then comes back to life somehow (END SPOILER) and everything seems to be a ‘make one last break for it’ or a slow motion ‘run to the finish line’. You can never seem to take it seriously thanks to this pacing, and the plot fails even more thanks to this, there’s also somehow a little aura of laziness. Some of the editing is stupid: one scene was Sam running away from an industrial complex and then another was him hiding in a forest… crazy!

So, can I recommend this film? Well, fans of the original will love this romp and any other mojo will enjoy it. The action scenes and some other scenes can be gripping and tearful, some shining gems come out of the acting department, the effects look like Pixar took a few drugs and decided to animate giant robots (in a good way) and Megan Fox is hot. Powerfully hot. I can tell that every other teenager in the cinema audience probably had an erection throughout the whole film, thanks to her. The plot’s not exactly the best thing available and it’s just awfully projected at times, but don’t see this film for it’s story. See it for it’s charm.

Nathan’s final verdict: If you’re looking for a high-octane, to the blunt point intelligent drama and some epic action scenes, then look away. See this film if you were a fan of the first, or you’re just looking for an enjoyable romp to fill your afternoon… for 3 hours…

  • Transformers movie rocks. i am a fan of Transformers ever since childhood. Now i have three kids and they all like the Transformers cartoon series and the Movie.

  • wether it is the Transformers animated version or movie version. you can expect some good robot action. I love Transformers.