A Not-so-revolutionary Addition to the Site


We’ve been wanting to add game reviews to the site for some time now, but we weren’t sure quite how to tackle that task. Our reticence stemmed from the two things that we really hate about reviews:

  1. Reading them.
  2. Writing them.

With regard to the first problem, there’s very little that appeals to me less than going to read a review and being faced with this:


There isn’t a game, book, movie, automobile, or [insert noun] for which I will endure a three-page review. When presented with the option to click page three and read the summary with the score, I’ll do that 100% of the time. I need to know three things from a review–do I buy, rent, or pass–and I don’t need three pages to get me to that decision.

As for writing reviews, it’s a taxing, time-consuming, and, ultimately, thankless task (since jerkstores like me are going to cut to the chase anyway–or worse, go right to metacritic for the aggregated score). I feel bad for the poor sod who has to write three pages about Punch Out . . . let alone a foul turd like Terminator Salvation.

So, here’s our solution: Reviews… in so Many Words. We’ll be reviewing games on a 100-point scale, or rather, a 100-word scale. So, if a game is awful, our challenge will be to let you know in, say, 50 words or fewer why that’s so. Similarly, we’ll have, at most, 100 words to convince you that a game is worth your cash.

We’ll also welcome your reviews in the comments for each of ours. Give us your assessment in so many words, and we’ll compile our average listener’s score alongside ours–to see just how out of the loop we are.

Keep your eyes peeled–our first reviews will start going up tomorrow night.

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