Get Ready for Tekken 6 on Oct. 27th


Platform Nation warriors waiting to enter the new King of the Iron Fist Tournament now know when they can put their skills to the test. Tekken 6 will 10 hit combo store shelves in North America October 27th. Europe, Japan and other Asian countries will be able to get their thumbs on the game shortly thereafter. But for Tekken fans who cant wait until October 27th to make sure they get their copy of the game, there are some bonuses for reserving early. Pre-ordering from Gamestop will get aspiring champions a special 2009 – 2010 calendar and some very special DLC.


Gamers reserving their copy from Gamestop will get to beat up cyborgs and panda bears as the Cardboard Tube Samurai! For those of you unfamiliar with the CTS, he is a character from the great web comic Penny Arcade. Here is a link to one of his many stories. Cardboard Tube Samurai will be a downloadable costume for Yoshimitsu and will look great pummeling the other fighters to a pulp.

For those hardcore Tekken fans who know the only way to master a fighting game is with an arcade stick, there is a bundle of Tekken for you as well. The set will contain a limited edition HORI wireless fight stick with exclusive Tekken designs, an art book, and a copy of the game for $149.99. Fighting fans reserve your copy soon because why wouldn’t you want to fight as a kangaroo against a man with a foot tall, blonde flat top whose arch rival is a grizzly bear?

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