GTA Chinatown Wars Coming To PSP

gta-chinatown-wars1Rockstar has announced that the Nintendo DS exclusive Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is no longer an exclusive DS title and will be available for the PSP this Fall, and you will be able to pick up this popular open end crime series on UMD or digital download format.

This really isn’t a surprise as it was just a matter of time before it was ported to the PSP.  I will be picking this one up as soon as it come out just so I can see the difference in the game from the DS to the PSP, and it is nice to see that the UMD isn’t totally obsolete as of yet.   I can’t wait to see some of the PSP screens and videos for GTA and I wonder if it will still have the over head view as the DS had.  Whatever the differences are I know I will truly enjoy being in Liberty City with my PSP.