Mass Effect 1 Getting New DLC?!

Remember Mass Effect?  You know, that absolutely brilliant sci-fi RPG from 2007?  Of course you do.  But you may not remember that BioWare promised several rounds of DLC for the game after release.  One DLC pack, titled “Bring Down the Sky,” did manage to find its way onto Xbox Live in March of last year.  Since then, we’ve heard occasional whispers of new Mass Effect DLC in development, but they were nothing more than rumors… until now. The official BioWare Twitter feed has revealed that the Canadian developer is preparing to unveil a second DLC pack this week.  To save you the trouble of clicking a link, I’ve transcribed the tweet below:

Getting the feeling some news about the next ME1 DLC may be coming this week. Keep your eyes peeled. -Evil Chris

This impromptu announcement seems to be linked to the unexpected (and brief) appearance of Mass Effect on Xbox Live’s new “Games on Demand” channel early yesterday morning. A product description for the game referred to the ability to “download new systems and worlds to visit.”   IGN editor Tor Thorsen sheds a little more light on the subject of new content; the Platinum Hits version of Mass Effect that released earlier this year referred to upcoming DLC that’s meant to lead into Mass Effect 2:

With things like Bring Down the Sky, we want to make sure there’s always content out there for [players] to be able to play through, so it kind of leads into Mass Effect 2. In particular, we kind of have some exciting things we want to do in terms of the story on how… the downloadable content is going to set up the sequel.

Not good enough for you? Well then, you’ll be happy to know that they did offer up a few specific detail in that same interview.  Notably, lead designer Preston Watamaniuk refers to a fighting arena as being a major component of this new content.  I only have one question: why wait so long?  Personally, I feel like it may be too little, too late.

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