P*N’s Gaming Nights

That’s right Platform Nation Community this week I have two gaming night’s I need to tell you about.  The first one is brought to us by TQcast.

betacodesHOST:  TQcast

PLATFORM:  PlayStation 3

GAME:  Uncharted 2

WHEN:  June 24th (Wednesday)

TIME:  7 p.m. PST

Join Desz and JUiCE for TQcast’s biggest gaming night yet.  There will be Live Streaming, and prizes to MVP gamers.  Listen to TQcast episode 68 this Monday for more details on this huge gaming night.


The next gaming night is brought to us by Steve519 the editor-in-chief of Platform Nation.


HOST:  Platform Nation (Steve519)

PLATFORM:  Up for Vote

GAME:  Up for Vote

WHEN:  June 29th (Monday)

TIME:  5 p.m. PST

After the hugely successful gaming night that took place this past Sunday, P*N will be hosting another gaming night and you the community will decide what will be played.  So head over to the forums and cast your vote for the game that will be played on Monday the 29th.  There’s a lot of good games up for vote, so vote and tell your friends to cast their votes to choose the game to be played.