The Flasher: Games That People Can Afford 2

Today: Pandemic II, Warfare 1917 and Bubble Tanks 2


It just so happens that I’ve been bored for all of the weekend, and even Ghostbusters couldn’t comfort me. So what did I do? I hopped on to the computer of course and searched for some of the flash game gems I’m about to tell you about today. Firstly, we are all gripped by the fever of swine flu and I was reminded of a little game called Pandemic II. It’s a bit like an RTS or Civilization, only with a killer customizable disease. Warfare 1917 is a nice little shooter sim set during World War On and to round it off, we have Bubble Tanks 2. A little cutesy shooter thing.

Warfare 1917


Play at Armour Games

Warfare 1917 takes place in the trenches in World War One,  you can play the sides of the English (WOO) and the Germans (WOO?). It’s a sort of tactical shooter, and it’s so brilliantly done and presented. You start the game with only a few types of troops and support, but after a few claimed trenches – you’ll be swimming in troops and support.  Gameplay works like this, you select a troop class at the bottom and they run on screen into the nearest trench, you can then tell them to defend or go up top and fight. Different troop types work better as defense and some work better as attack.

What works brilliantly in Warfare is the fact that it shows some sort of spark of horror. Your men will scream and shout when they are wounded, and cry when their friends are killed. Some will show fear and try to get out of the trench last and others will clamber on through the war. It’s a weird thing for a game to capture the essence of war and horror, and still manage to lead some quite addictive gameplay. For a few closing comments, all I can argue against it is the fact it does take a bit of getting into, but when you’re in it – you’ll love every second.


Pandemic II


Play here at Newgrounds

It’s hard for any game to be scary without blood, guts, gore or even a central villain. In this game, you’re scared of yourself. Pandemic II tells the story of a disease which wipes out mankind, a disease which you just so happen to control with evolution points and other stuffs. You start out with choosing your disease type, your difficulty settings and your disease name and then go on to slaughter humanity. You’re basically dropped randomly in a country and are force to gain evolution points by infecting people.

These points can be spent on traits: like being able to be transferred through the air, cause sneezing, have a good resistance against the heat. It all adds up to one very different experience each time you play, and it can also be very difficult to wipe out mankind… Now, I said before, this game is scary. The chilling music, the lack of emotion and the deeper lack of control all adds to a sense of panic in yourself. It’s just one of the most weird feelings in the world to be scared of a flash game character… yourself. It’s an experience that should not be missed by anyone… just don’ t go in with paranoia


Bubble Tanks II


Play here at Newgrounds

It’s great for shooters to be addictive, but it’s even better for it to be addictive and without violence. I see Bubble Tanks II as a sort of ‘Flow’ like game, Flow can be played here or downloaded on the PS3 PSN store, except you can shoot stuff. You play a little bubble tank with the ability to shoot other bubbles in the face, after you’ve shot so many bubbles in the face, you can then choose an upgrade path ranging from a heavy cannon thing to a machine gun thing. The upgrade tree can twist and turn and you’ll always want to play it again just to say what it’d be like to have 4 cannons instead of two.

The presentation style is cutesy and bubbly (see what I did there?), the sounds of bubble gunshots is almost calming and soothing. The enemies get bigger and tougher and you’re never sure when they’re going to burst, and it can be sometimes frustrating losing your upgrades when you’ve been shot so many times. It’s still an enjoyable shooter and I for one, would not want to miss out on this little gem.


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