Prototype… As Seen By An Infected


When I picked up Prototype from the store I thought, “finally, a game with one of us as the main character.”  Finally there is a superhero for the infected community.  Someone little infected kids can look up to.  Commercials showed us infected as a majority and in power.  We had New York City under our control!  I thought that we were actually getting respect in the gaming community.  Upon playing, however, I realized that this was just like every other game where us infected are treated like cannon fodder.

Alex Mercer is a self-hating infected and it very much shows during the game.  Players can slice, dice, and generally maim us in many horrific ways.  In order to gain health gamers must consume infected.  The game even has you destroying cute little hunters.  Despite the harsh name, in real life they are absolutely harmless, at least to us.


Parts of the game were enjoyable.  Racking up military casualties can be extremely fun.  Hijacking tanks and helicopters to blow up other tanks and helicopters never gets old.  Unfortunately for every great mission like that there is another where players must kill poor helpless infected.  If the game took out hurting infected then I could give it a great score.  The way it currently is though I have to give it only two puss spewing boils out of ten.  Hopefully game companies take notice and finally make a game where us infected are portrayed in a positive light.  Until then I will be playing Wii Sports Resort!

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