Tekken 6 Video Tournament


Tekken fans who can’t wait until October to see their favorite fighters in action need to check out the video tournament at the new Tekken website. Gamers can vote for their favorite fighter in different matches throughout the tournament. Right now visitors of the site can vote for either the half devil Kazuya or Paul “I need more hair gel” Phoenix. Between now and the Oct. 27th release date there will be lots of match-ups for fans to vote on.

The best part about participating in the voting is that gamers can unlock fun online prizes and unique content for the game itself. One prize is a girls of Tekken poster. They definitely know what motivates gamers. There are trailers, pictures, bios, and more for people to better get to know the cast of Tekken 6. You can check out the videos at GameTrailers and all of the cool content at the Tekken 6 website.

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