The Conduit For The Wii

the-conduit-boxart-500x704The Conduit for the Wii is a futuristic FPS and I think this game will give Wii owners a new look on their overlooked gaming console.  The Conduit is developed by High Voltage Software and published by Sega and places you in Michael Ford’s shoes as a new agent with the Trust and he sets out to discover why aliens have invaded Washington D.C.

Sound like the same old type of alien FPS, find the aliens shoot ’em up and finish the game?  Well The Conduit pushes the limits on the Wii’s graphics and the games mechanics are solid as I had the opportunity to play the game some months back and I truly enjoyed the it.  The Conduit is set to release today in the US and July 10th in the U.K.  Here’s a trailer for your viewing pleasure and to take a look into The Conduit.

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