7 Deaths an iPhone Game

Genre: Fighter

Developer: Resolute Games

Players: 1-2

MSRP: $0.99

Rating: 9+



7 Deaths is a simple fighting game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Because of the simpleness of the game I am going to keep this review brief. Firstly there is only one control for the entire game and that is slide your finger across the screen. What happens is you go through a text conversation with your opponent and then you will wait for an unknown amount of time for your iPhone  to say go at which point you will slide your finger across the screen, and hope you beat the computer (or you human opponent) to the punch (actually to the slide). Oh, and if you are lucky you will have equal attacks and have to counter attack, which consists of sliding your finger across the screen again.


The plot is fairly simple, you are one of 8 characters whom will kill the other 7 characters in the game for some reason or another. I only played through 2 of the characters “campaigns” which lasted all of 3 minutes (only that long because I had to read the dialogue).


So as my review may have shown, I didn’t really care for 7 Deaths. I found it to be slow, boring, and way to easy. I did have some bright spots though, because of all of the character options it had lots of re-playability, and the short fight sequences aloud you to have a quick fight when waiting in line, or in some other similar situations. All in all, I didn’t really care for 7 Deaths, but for just 99 cents it may be worth it for someone who likes fighting games, and wants one for on the go.



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