Red Faction: Guerrilla Review


Game Review: Red Faction: Guerrilla
Release: June 2nd 2009
Genre: 3rd person/ Open World Action Adventure
Developer: Volition, Inc.
Available Platforms: Xbox360, PS3, Microsoft Windows, (Mobile Version available)
Players: Single-Player, Multiplayer
MSRP: $59.99
ESRB Rating: M

Red Faction is a third person open world game that takes place on the planet Mars. As Alex, a professional demolitions excavator, you arrive on Mars looking for work and just hoping to have a good time with your younger brother. Devastating events unfold forcing Alex to take up arms against the EDF (Earth Defense Force) as a member of The Red Faction, and underground resistance force looking to rise against the EDF and their control over Mars.

As Alex you get to play the adventure of a traditional generic character, the character we have all seen before in many action movies and games, very one dimensional is the best way to describe him. The graphics are very traditional of what you would expect of Mars. If you have ever seen the movie Total Recall you know exactly what they were going for. Some cool little things going on in the environment, nothing to effect game play but enough to make you stop for a second. If you’re looking for the next graphical phenomenon this is the wrong game for you, while nothing amazing, Red Faction: Guerrilla does and o.k. job of varying the environment enough to keep things interesting.

"And Ill bring the marshmellows!"

While a generic character and mediocre graphics may make you want to overlook Red Faction.  I smack you in the face with my controller because Red Faction is one of the most fun games I have played in a while! Blowing S#it up! That’s what this game is about, finding creative ways to complete your objectives with maximum damage to everything you can see. The Weapons vary enough to keep you going, (Although remote triggered mines is where it’s at!)  You never feel pinned down to doing a specific objective, and that’s great and refreshing as previous open world games make you feel like you “HAVE” to be on this linear path to get to see things within the game. I like how certain little things are implemented within the game, for instance in traditional open world games if you need a vehicle you jack someone out of their ride and you feel kind of criminal. In Red Faction when you need a vehicle it will stop and the person getting out will say something like, “Hurry before they find you.” These little things bring Mars to life adding to the sense that the population is supporting the Red Faction movement.  The ability to alter structures really alters the way you think and play. When you destroy something in the environment it’s gone! So do you destroy the bridge to keep enemies from getting to you? What if you need that bridge later? You can set charges to collapse buildings on chasing enemies, if you can think it and destroy it, it can be done.

Multiplayer also provides some of the same options in regards to using the environment to destroy your opponents. Backpacks that offer crazy attribute bonuses also help to keep death match moving at a fast pace.  Using a leveling system, ala COD you gain experience by playing death match successfully gaining new weapons and such. Do you think you have what it takes to get the coveted Ostrich weapon…yeah ostrich weapon, you got to see it to believe it to believe it.

I I won't say it again man, "I don't want to be slapped by your huge cock!"

Red Faction: Guerrilla has a lot of good things going for it that makes it a great game, but there are a few things, that if tightened up could put it into AAA level. Visually graphics need to be bumped up to the next level, you have a good plateau Volition what can you do with it? Multiplayer controls need to be a little tighter, maybe because third person multiplayer death match still feels kind of wonky, they have all the game play elements to get it there. Also with so much going on I don’t feel as if Red Faction really has its own identity, it is just thought of as one of these “Meh” properties.

With InFamous and Prototype getting all the open world hype these days it may be easy for Red Faction: Guerrilla to get lost in the midst, but with so many fun things happening in this game. I can’t help but recommend Red Faction. If summer is all about having fun there is no reason this shouldn’t be in your library. I’m GUI J and Ill see you on Mars….

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