TMG-109 Musical Short Box with Kirby Krackle

The Married Gamers rock out with the band Kirby Krackle for the hour. Join us as the Married Gamers gets schooled in ‘Nerd Rock’. Kyle Stevens and Jim Demonakos of Kirby Krackle talk about their music, comic books, video games, and a strange fetish for elevators. A very special thanks to Kirby Krackle for permission to use their sweet music in this episode.


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But Wait There’s More!

As a special addition, Jim and Kyle from Kirby Krackle were gracious to give us a download code for their self-titled album to give away to one lucky reader. To enter simply reply on this post with what useless superpower you’d have, and leave your twitter name. On June 30th Lefty will randomly choose a winner and will give them the download code via Direct Message over twitter.


Show Links:

The Official Kirby Krackle Website
Kirby Krackle on Twitter

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