Mass Effect Galaxy an iPhone Game

img_0003_2Game: Mass Effect Galaxy

Genre: Top Down Shooter

Developer: BioWare

Rating: 12+

MSRP: $4.99 ($2.99 if you click buy when you search for Mass Effect and just click buy now kinda confusing look below for pics)


Not sure if they charge 2.99 though, I just noticed when I started writing this review


Mass Effect Galaxy is an iPhone game developed by BioWare set in the same universe as Mass Effect & the upcoming Mass Effect 2. I was particularly excited when I heard about this game because I just started playing the original Mass Effect for the first time.


Jacob Taylor & Miranda

There are 2 gameplay elements in Mass Effect Galaxy. The first gameplay element is the conversation “mode” where you pick what you want to say and how you want to lead the conversation. The first line of dialogue is the only line that is voice acted, and the rest you have to read. You pick what you want to say by scrolling the wheel on the right side of the screen and picking what sort of thing you want to say. Some conversations can lead to fights, or even avoid fights depending on how you go about you conversational choices.


The second gameplay element is fighting, which is just a top down shooter. You control your character Jacob Taylor in battle using the iPhone’s accelerometer, and Jacob will auto shoot who ever he is locked onto when the enemy is in view. You have 3 special attacks that you can use by clicking them on the wheel on the right. You must clear the entire room of enemys before you can go on to the next room.


Mass Effect Galaxy is most defiantly an epic adventure and you can tell it was made by BioWare. The combat is satisfying, and is just the right difficulty, there were only a few levels that I had a lot of trouble clearing. Also BioWare left in the conversational element of Mass Effect that made the game  so awesome, without it this would not be a top notch game. And best of all we are introduced to Jacob Taylor and Miranda who are both going to be characters in the upcoming Mass Effect 2.


It did have a few minor problems though. Sometimes in combat the game would start to lag a little, and at one point the whole game crashed. The game size is over 10 megabytes, and wouldn’t download strait to my iPhone. Also the game only offers around 4 hours of gameplay, and has no real re-playability. Besides these minor gripes the game was great though.


So, if you are a fan of Mass Effect and need something to hold you over ’till Mass Effect 2 comes out I would defiantly recomend you get this game.

*Please comment if you get the game for $2.99 by trying the above method

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  • I’ll have to check when I get home to see if it is for the 2.99 price, if so I just might have to get it

  • Gameplay around 4 hours?

    I beat it in under an hour…

  • Jacob Hruska (snakeman555)

    Well, I didn’t play the whole game strait through, and I think I got 4 hours for my more casual style of gameplay. Anyways I really liked the game, but its real flaw that I now fully realize is it has no replayabilty .

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