Tonight: Guest Roulette!

microphoneHey guys. Ever listened to a podcast of ours and thought: “I could do that”?

Or ever heard us talking about the gaming news and thought: “Why didn’t they talk about the story that I thought was important?”

Well, tonight’s your chance.

Stuff happened this week, and we had to call off our scheduled guest. And rather that just give you the same stuff we always do, we’ve decided to do something fun.

Between 6 and 7 p.m. tonight Pacific Time, you can use your Skype to call us (Skype name: GameHounds) and bring your best news topic. Or you can weigh in on whatever Tim and Edie are talking about (no Hawkes this week). We’ll cycle through callers.

If you call and we don’t answer, it’s because we’re on another line with someone else, so just call back in a few minutes.

We’ve never done this before, and it may fail miserably, but no matter what, you’ll hear the success (or fail) on this week’s show.

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