Trine Coming To PC And PSN


SouthPeak has announced that they will be publishing Trine for the PC  in the U.S. and is due out this summer.  Trine is a fantasy action platformer that allows players to work together to create and use objects to solve challenging physics based puzzles and defeat dangerous enemies.  The game will feature three player co-op play, where each character has a specific talent to invent solutions to puzzles.  The Wizard uses magic to create objects and new paths, the Thief uses agility and accuracy to quickly deal with enemies and the Warrior unleashes destruction anywhere he goes.  Below is  a video of the gameplay and if you continue down the page you will find screenshots and pictures of the three characters.  Trine was well received at E3 and looks like it will be a pretty good game, can’t wait to see the game in all of it’s glory when it is released.  Trine will also be released on the PSN summer 2009.



The Thief


The Warrior


The Wizard

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  • honestly I don’t know what trine is

  • That’s why it’s important to visit P*N everyday and frequently to get gaming news and see the latest games reviews and more!!

  • Bobby Gonzalez

    This game looks really fun to play with a friend. It is really beautiful. I will be getting it for the PSN.