The Flasher: Arrow of Time


Play here at Newgrounds.

I was thinking of three games to review this week, but just couldn’t find any. I found only two I liked and then came across this thing. This marvelous thing. I just have the sudden urge to actually do a whole installment based on this gem of a thing. What The Arrow of Time manages to do is replicate the same quality you’d see on a PSN, XBL or Wiicade thing, and do it so brilliantly that it’s better than most games on those downloadable stores. I think I’d prefer to be on a portable console though, due to it’s length but innovation, and it’d be quite fun on the DS.  As you’ll see, it would fit the DS perfectly.

The Arrow of Time tells the tale of the ‘Whistle Knights’, the guards of the ‘Sky Fortress’, which holds the Arrow of Time, a secret weapon which could destroy the whole universe or something. It’s up to you… umm a… umm… well actually it’s never explained who or what you are, but I think that”s left to your imagination. Personally I call it a Goggle, and I also call him Fred. Fred has to fight of hordes and hordes of mankind throughout various points of history to get into a complete period of safety… or mankind destroys itself. Fun for all the family!


The plot has some holes, and some guidance would be lovely. Some of the main villains, bosses and mankind’s motives are a bit clumsily presented, but all in all, it’s one of the more thoughtful flash games. It’s plot isn’t as paper thin as all the others, which doesn’t really matter. But making it one of the central focuses just makes this game a bloody good standout from the rest. You may not think any of this when you come to play the game, but you should still acknowledge the fact that at least there is a story. Not ‘there be aliens, shoot them’.

It’s a strange set of gameplay devices that make this game a stunner. Firstly, the music is beautifully crafted and each era has it’s own theme. All brilliantly hand-crafted and made by Beethoven’s great grandson – Albert Einstein. Actually that’s a lie, you can find the full soundtrack here, now go download the musics and enjoy child! Second on our devices list, the upgrades. You gain these points by blowing the beejeesus out of mankind’s armed forces, which gradually get tougher after each era. Thanks to technology. These points can be spent on new arrow types, base fortifications, special powers and stuffs.


So how do you exactly shoot the beejeesus out of mankind? It works just like a bow and arrow in real life, except without the hard manly work, you pull the string back on the bow invisibly and let go. The arrow obviously goes further if you pulled back further, and you can shoot arrows faster if you just keep tapping the mouse.  This is better for those enemies who just won’t die, like men or bosses. These bosses aren’t fleshed out as much and it’s always the same other ‘Goggle’ every time, an evil Goggle (anti-Fred?). They’re still fun and kinda retro though.

Criticisms? The whole gameplay thing sort of becomes weak after a while and past the customization, it’s just another mindless shooter. Pulling back the arrows again and again, frantically swapping arrow types, hoping to God that you won’t die while you eye up the health bar at the top. It becomes an intense experience as the game goes on and thankfully it somehow never becomes repetitive, still a weak little bit of fun, but it’s still a marvel how the developer did this. Most of the music is in loops and gets boring too, oh and the Sky Fortress stays in the middle of the screen and never moves.

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