China Bans Gold Farming

We don’t talk too often about PC gaming around here.  However, you’d be hard pressed to find a hardcore gamer who isn’t familiar with MMORPGs.  Within such games, it often becomes necessary to make money for the purchase of equipment and lodging.  Any normal gamer would simply go out, complete quests, and earn money themselves.  But for those who want to get rich quick, “gold-farming” is the way to go.

At it’s essence, gold farming is the repeated performance of certain tasks within a game to achieve monetary benefit. Often, this involves killing the same creature over and over.

Sound boring?  Well,  up until now you could simply pay real money to have a kid in China do it for you.  But now the red state has implemented a crackdown on the $200 million industry; and hundreds of thousands of bored Chinese teenagers suddenly have found themselves out of a job (according to  That’s right ladies and gents: selling virtual gold for real money is now illegal in China.  However, there may be a loophole; the selling of virtual items for real cash may still be allowed.  It has yet to be seen how strictly the law will be enforced. It’s worth noting that around 80 percent of gold farmers are believed to be Chinese.

On the bright side, maybe he’ll finally be able to get some exercise.