More Women Playing Games

When I first introduced my girlfriend to console gaming over a year ago… she sucked.  There was something about using twin sticks that she could just not seem to figure out.  Nintendo came to the rescue; it’s now 14 months later, and it’s often hard to pry her away from her beloved “Hello Kitty” DS.

It seems she is not the only girl who’s been bitten by the Nintendo bug. is reporting that a 5% increase in the number of female gamers has been observed by the NPD group over the last year.  5% may not sound like a lot, but it becomes significant when you consider that it’s almost all attributable to the Nintendo Wii.  The motion-controlled “kiddy-console” has seen almost a 20% rise in popularity during the same time frame.

The good news? Well, according to Anita Frazier of NPD:

the console gamer segment added the most new participants to its ranks in the last year.

Hopefully Xbox Natal and PS3’s motion wands can draw some of the female demographic over to the hardcore consoles.  I feel bad for them, really; they haven’t truly gamed until they’ve played on a high definition console.