PS3 Slim… Again

It’s the rumor that just won’t die.  A while back we reported on the “leaked” images of the slim-line iteration of the PS3 that had supposedly slipped out of a Chinese production plant.  When nothing was said about the new console at E3, we all just assumed it was a hoax and went on our merry way.

But now, Kotaku is reporting that a the little black box has gone into production with a delivery date of July.  There is some reason to believe this one may be true: supplies of the 80 GB skew seem to be dwindling, and an actual price cut for the $400 console may finally be in the works for August.

But something is not quite right.  The launch of a PS3 slim would be worthy of a huge announcement at a major international trade show.  If they didn’t make an announcement at E3, there’s no reason to think that they’ll wait for TGS in late September.  I think either the supposed release is all wrong, or the whole thing is still a very good hoax.