Review: Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires

Game Review: Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires
Omega Force (Published by Koei)
Available Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360 (Played on the PS3)
1-2 players
ESRB Rating: Teen


Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires is the spinoff title to the previously released Dynasty Warriors 6. It is a hack-n-slash game based in Ancient China. In the main mode known as “Empire Mode”, your job is to help unify China; you can do this as a Ruler or as a Soldier working for a ruler. They also give the option of being a Vagrant officer (or mercenary) with slightly different motives.

As previously stated, you select a character from two different classes: Ruler or Officer. I played through the game as an officer to see what it was like working for an emperor. Each month you have the opportunity to complete tasks given to you by your emperor or other people. Tasks usually comprise of being placed on a battlefield with your own set of troops and killing as many people/beasts as possible. The battle is over after defeating the General of the opposing faction. There are times where you have side-quests on the battlefield, which can be as simple as destroying a post for 5 minutes, or defeating an officer in 3 minutes.

As you go up in level, you get stronger, and your number of troops increase which I felt didn’t help as much since you do most of the killing yourself. There is also the opportunity to gain friends/comrades to fight by your side in the game. You gain comrades by coming to their aid as you make your way through the battlefields. The more you help them in battle, the more likely they are to offer to join you in battle. You can have them follow you for the duration of the skirmish, or you can have them handle specific tasks.


I enjoyed the Character Edit Mode. Here you can build a character from scratch with all sorts of interchangeable features and then use that character in the main game.Outside of the game being a button masher, which is great for passing the time, I thought the overall Scenery was decent & the various story lines were somewhat entertaining.

As I played through this game as a Vagrant (soldier with no allegiance), I liked that depending on your overall success in the game, there were times opposing factions would attempt to recruit me, or peasants in the town would beg me to overthrow the ruler. There were even times I attempted to overthrow my ruler on your own, just to see if it could be done. I discovered this to be a little harder than a normal battle.


There isn’t a lot of in game material to explain how things work and I found that frustrating. I went through the game manual, and the in game reading material. They tried their best to explain things, but I still had questions. In addition, there is a LOT of button mashing. Yes, you could try to be fancy by using the other buttons and attacks and commanding friends to do specific things, but it really boils down to your skills at pressing the Square Button. A few of the side missions were frustrating also: I am one person; I can’t be in two places at once to escort two groups of villagers on opposite sides of the map!

I think this game series has received a bum rap. As I played through this game, I discovered that this game is similar to chess. In a game of chess, the game is over as soon as the king cannot move anymore: this game is just like that. Although it’s a lot of fun, you don’t need to kill thousands of troops to complete your missions; all it takes is killing the person in charge.


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