Sam & Max: Save The World Review

Game Review: Sam & Max: Save The World
Release: June 17th, 2009
Genre: Puzzle, Adventure
Developer: Telltale Games
Available Platforms: XBLA
Players: 1
MSRP: 1600 Microsoft Points ($20)
ESRB Rating:

Sam & Max: Save The World is the whole of Season 1 of the PC version, but this time it has been ported to the XBLA with a new control scheme. But it still has all the fun and hilarity as the PC version.


You find yourself going throughout the first six episodes in the Sam & Max series, each episode providing different environments while staying fresh in jokes and hilarious one liners!

Surely you must know who Sam and Max are. Sam being the Dog, the giant dog. And the Max being the charming and hilariously random rabbit. They both run a detective agency, and when they get a call that someone needs help, you can be sure that the situations that they will find themselves in are going to be fun. If you have played any of the PC episodes, you will be satisfied to be able to find all of the episodes in one place, and the fact that they are on the XBLA with a one-click download and average but plausible HD graphics, means that this game is a must buy for anyone that is a fan of successfully comedic but woefully puzzling games.

Each episode is completely different, so there is no way in this review I can explain the stories or even what happens in each of the stories, but trust me, each episode has a different charm to it and you will never get bored of playing this game. The story does have quite along gameplay time to it, because each episode does co-inside with each other, such as in episode 4 something major happens, then it carries across as something for the last two episodes. Don’t worry though, you aren’t alone with just Sam & Max, there are some other main characters, such as Bosco, who owns the local store. But one episode he could be an elf, while the next episode he could be dressed up as his mother in a wig. It’s slight changes like this throughout the episode that keep enthralled in the story and keep you coming back for more.


The main way to advance through any story is picking up objects and then using them on other objects, while this seems a fairly dated type of technology, this game seems to keep it fresh and exciting by doing unexpected things with the object, and also some of the objects are really strange, such as in the first episode you have to get some plain cheese, then shoot it with your gun to make Swiss cheese so that the mouse is happy. It’s such a weird game, but the writing is amazingly funny and it is something you should definitely check out if you like to laugh.

The game does have some problems, the first being the control scheme, even though selecting things isn’t that hard. A point and click type of game would be better if it was point and click, it doesn’t really adapt itself to the Xbox 360 Controller because it makes you have to select it by just moving the analog stick in the direction of the thing that you want to select, so in a couple of moments when you quickly have to click on something, it becomes difficult because it’s very hard to be precise with the analog stick and a little hand. Another problem is the framerate, while this isn’t that much of a problem, definitely while you are walking around it can become annoying to see a little stutter in the screen, especially while you are trying to select something and it’s bouncing past you.

This game is worth checking out if you are a fan of puzzling adventure games, and the humor that is in this game is remarkable and definitely always fresh as you progress through the episodes. With each episode of the six giving you a couple of hours worth of gameplay. Then a 20 hour experience for only $20 is a great price.

Check out Sam & Max: Save The World on the XBLA for 1600 Microsoft Points. OUT NOW!

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