New PS3 Bundle with Little Big Planet and Wall-E Blu-ray

By Jason Wadsworth


Even if Sony hasn’t announced any price drops for the PS3 in the near future, it seems that Best Buy is offering gamers some more PS3 bang for their buck. The electronics superstore is listing an 80 GB PS3 that comes with the innovative social platformer, Little Big Planet, and a Blu-ray copy of Disney/Pixar’s Wall-E; all for $399, the usual price of an 80 GB PS3.

There’s no indication on the Best Buy listing to indicate that the offer is limited, but there is also no way to tell how long Best Buy plans to make the bundle available. What is for sure is that the bundle is on sale both online and in Best Buy stores now.

While this is by no means a concession on Sony’s part to the seemingly incessant clamoring for a price drop, if the Best Buy bundle sells well it could put some extra pressure on Sony to consider a price drop soon.

Price drops aside, who could turn their nose up at some robust hardware that comes with a great game and a fantastic movie as an added bonus. If you’ve been on the fence recently about a PS3 purchase, this might be that extra little push you’ve been waiting for.

Source: Joystiq

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