Real Racing (iPhone) Preview

We at Platform Nation just wanted to talk about Read Racing Real Racing for a little bit and tell you why you NEED to buy this game for the iPhone or iPod Touch.

Real Racing Real Racing is made by the same guys that brought us Flight Control Flight Control, a game that many have thought of as being the best game you can get for the iPhone, and a steal for only $0.99! A game that now has multiplayer through bluetooth, online leaderboards and three, yes, three landing strips!

What you see above is a game video that Real Racing actually recorded and uploaded DIRECTLY TO MY YouTube account. This is just one of the many features. Real Racing features online leaderboards, career modes, 36 cars in three classes, a dozen unique tracks, five game modes, up to six cars on the screen at once! (a tech demo of Real Racing being played on the iPhone 3GS can run up to 40! You can see that in the clip below)

About the gameplay itself, by default the game controls the acceleration and breaking for you, all you have to do is just tilt your phone in the direction you want to drive to. Yes, I know other games have done this before, but no game has achieved this level of smoothness in driving, no other racing game on the iPhone plays this smooth. If you are one of the more “hardcore” types though you can control the acceleration yourself as well as the breaking.

While the price might scare you off a little, $9.99 Real Racing, this game is worth it, and if you don’t want to take my word, check out all the glowing reviews here. We will be working on getting you guys a official Platform Nation review as well.

If you have already bought the game, do us a favor and leave your thoughts about what you think about the game right here in the comment section, lets work together on Real Racing to the top of the best selling list in the App Store!

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  • It looks great and that YouTube feature is pretty sweet, but $10?! That’s too rich for my blood. I’ll wait till they have a sale.

  • racingfreak92

    While the graphics are nice it dosent look like something id enjoy. You have a hard time staying on the track and thats exactly what im worried about. I want a game with fine control and i dont think any game on he iphone can do that.
    Id expect that a game called real racing wouldnt automatically acc/brake for you. that sounds no fun.

    Is there somewhere i can look at the list of the cars in the game?