Battlefield 1943 Coming Next Week

According to the official Battlefield 1943 Twitter account, we will be blasting each other into oblivion as soon as July 8th on the Xbox 360 and July 9th on the PS3.

Battlefield 1943

The official announcement reads:

Drum roll please! BF1943 will release next week the 8th for X360 & the 9th for PS3!

Battlefield 1943 will cost 1200 MSP or $15. Also, once you start fragging, all kills will go towards unlocking the Coral Sea map with Air Superiority game mode. Once 43 million kills are amassed, this map and mode will be unlocked for all to play.

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  • racingfreak92

    i hope this is true. cant wait for this game

    and nice photoshop

  • I’m looking forward to this!