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Show Summary:
Lots of gaming and movie watching for the TD Crew. Bryan also makes a big investment that makes the rest of us jealous. For our main topic we help to define the term “Fanboy” and determine that the world simply needs more “Classic Fanboys”.

Around the Pool Table:
– Finished Terminator Salvation
– Finished The Conduit
– Played Battlefield Heroes (PC)
– Played 1 vs. 100
– Watched 300 with RiffTrax

– Played Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires (360)
– Watched Dexter: Season 3
– Watched Doctor Who: Season 3 (Episode to check out: Blinko)
– Watched Merlin
– Watched Fierce Creatures

– watched Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li
– played Gravity Bounce – Xbox 360 XNE game
– Watched Royal Pains
– Played Halo 3 with Platform Nation Community Playdate

– Watched Pitch Men, 300 with RiffTrax
– Played Tiger Woods (Frisbee golf mini-game)
– Tried to watch the FIFA Confederation Cup but Comcast wouldn’t let me.
– Listened to a couple of podcasts that were bitching and moaning about Nintendo’s new help feature.
– Made a couple of purchases.

TD Newscast (all sources are links):
– Halo: Reach = Wii Fit? (a game designed to sell an accessory) (via

Mr Matt’s Album of the Week:
– The Strokes – Is This It

Main Topic – What’s a Fanboy?:

How do you know if you are a fanboy?

A look at a GamePro’s Definition

Are we fanboys?

Is it bad to be a fanboy?

  • Hey, I *am* a great guy! 🙂
    -Todd (creator of Gravity Bounce)

    P.S. Thanks for the support.