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Game Review: Thum Struck
Release:  Current Version (1.2) May 21, 09
Genre: Rythem
Developer: RESOLUTE Games
Available Platforms:  iPhone/iPod Touch
Players:  1
MSRP:  $0.99
ESRB Rating:

Thum Struck is a rhythm game for the iPhone and iPod Touch that doesn’t play like your typical Guitar Hero clone. The basic premise is the same, as one of the 10 songs plays you tap the three different colored notes that come down the screen but its paired with one of the ugliest menus and strangest interfaces I’ve seen.


The notes fall from the top in the usual fashion but, depending on the difficulty, can fall from anywhere along the top. Then the fret bar is flipped on its side. This means that while a red note in the game might have come down four seconds earlier than the blue note that just came down you will be tapping the blue note first because of its position of the fret bar on the screen.

While this is a new take on the rhythm game I can see why no one has done this before. Your eyes are drawn away from the top of the screen as you try to hit all the notes at the bottom leading you to miss new ones coming down. It’s a nice try but ends up being a trade off of innovation for fun.


That being said, once you put some time in to learn the controls it’s a fairly fun game with quite hectic moments. While $0.99 isnt a lot in absolute terms there are a lot of other great bargain games on iPhone. But if your not digging Tap Tap Revenge this is a good choice for those looking to tap their thumbs; and if your hesitant to take the dive a demo is available as well.

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  • Nice that you guys are doing an iPhone/iPod Touch giveaway and its nice to see that your branching out into the iPhone platform. Keep up the good work guys

  • LMA9375

    Good luck to everyone who enters!!

  • I L-O-V-E Tap Tap Revenge so hopefully I will like this as well seeing as how its basically the same premise.

  • Bkm

    I won’t will. But I’ll enter.

  • artb013

    I want to win a code!

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