Batman Arkham Asylum Trailers

The trailers for Arkham Asylum were up on the EU PSN Store this week.  Are they cause for excitement?They certainly look promising.

This is Batman as we know him best from the comic books.  Sure there’s a nod to the recent movies but the costume has all the hallmarks of the classic design.  Will it live up to the brilliant graphic novel of the same name?  Probably not.

What marks this out as different is that it is not a movie tie in. Too often we see games rushed out to match the release of a film but that is not the case here. Hopefully this will be the way forward and kudos to Warner Bros. for allowing one of their most coveted licenses to be used outside of the usual cycle.

What is slightly disappointing is that Sony has yet again missed a trick.  The PlayStation has a nice exclusive for a change. That’s right folks you get to play as the Joker on the PlayStation version, which is a pretty cool exclusive by anyone’s standards.  How nice it would have been to have had that trailer up on the PSN in Europe this week.   Now naturally Sony has got this right in the States.  You guys had the trailers up around the time of E3 and the Joker trailer is there and available to view.  Of course many of us have multiple accounts on our PS3’s enabling us to download the free content from the other regions but it is pretty short sighted of Sony Europe to not have included the Joker video.  Hell, it’s a reason to shout about having  a PS3 for a change.

Arkham Asylum looks suitably dark, and the game-play looks as though it could be a nice mix of brutal take downs and stealthier sections all viewed from an over the shoulder perspective.  Rocksteady has sensibly stuck to a comic book style Joker rather than attempt a Heath Ledger style make over and he looks suitably maniacal.


This does look like a release to get excited about.  The first decent Batman game for… well ever actually.  Fingers crossed.