GLAAD Trying To Combat Intolerance

I am sure that anyone who has played on XBL, PSN or the PC have been called gay, along with many other things, by a 13 year old, screeching, child or really anybody of any age. It is supposed to be a major insult but in reality its just all these homophobic little brains can think of when they are getting fragged over and over after a long day. Unfortunately, gays and lesbians are also online, playing video games to have fun or relax, and they have to hear people denouncing their whole way of life.


The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, or GLAAD, is soon going to try to make these virtual worlds a safe place for gays and lesbians to play in. GLAAD is going to work with gaming companies to make policies that protect gays and lesbians without removing the terms from the dictionary. They want to work with gamers, journalists and others to try and make the virtual world a place where gays and lesbians can relax without hearing hate from random douche bags. They will also have a panel on homophobia with representatives from several gaming companies and LGBT gamers. The entire press release can be found here.

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