Platform Nation Gaming Night’s – Week of July 5th


HOST:  Platform Nation (Steve519)
PLATFORM:  Xbox 360
GAME:  Halo 3
WHEN:  July 5th (Sunday)
TIME:  5 p.m. PST

After the hugely successful gaming night that took place this past Monday, P*N will be hosting another gaming night and you, the community, has decided what will be playing.  You voted in our forums, right here.

the-playstation-network-will-expand-onto-other-sony-products-2HOST: Platform Nation
PLATFORM: PlayStation 3
GAME: Up For Vote
WHEN: July 8th (Wednesday)
TIME: 5 p.m. PST

Now our PlayStation Gaming Night is also up for vote and we need to know what game you want to play. Click the “Up For Vote” link above and cast your vote now on what you would like to play with the Platform Nation community.

In addition to just all around fun gaming with our community, Platform Nation will also feature live streams of our game nights right here on our front page. Just check back to our front page during the event to see the LIVE link to our video stream.

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  • I really don’t like Halo 3, but after last weeks gaming night I had fun and I will be there again for a little Halo 3 action with the P*N community! (Even though GoW 2 is double XP this weekend)