Boxee: A Media Center Solution

The other day when I was scanning the interwebs for news to post I came across news that this program called Boxee had made its way to windows, so I decided to check it out. What Boxee is is a Media Center interface for your computer that will automatically detect your videos, music, and pictures. When Boxee detects you movies it will find that movie on the internet, and will supply box-art, a review, and a rating instantly. And best of all Boxee is free.


On top of all of the local media features Boxee has there is its ability to access popular sites like Hulu,, Netflix streaming, Pandora, and even Flickr. All these require is a username and password, and in some cases some online setting changes (i.e. configuring Netflix). There is also a social network built in where you can see what your friends have watched, and what they have rated movies, TV shows and music. These social features even extend to the online sites like Hulu, and Netflix.

The instant I started up Boxxe I fell in love with it. The simplicity, and the fact that it plays almost every file type know to man is just amazing to me. I like Boxee so much that I think I am going to go out and buy a new computer to hook up to my TV to use as a true Media Center.

  • I love Boxee, but then I found Plex, I love Plex even more (I think it might be a mac only program, I’m not sure)