Mr. Matt’s Album of the Week #42

The Strokes – Is This It

is-this-it-coverIn 2001, Is This it was released to critical success around the world.  Building off the 70’s New York punk influence of the Stooges, Television, and Lou Reed the Strokes were able to take it and make it their own.  With a strong pop influence and a large dose of self-assurance these 5 guys from New York made an album that would go down as one of the best albums of this current decade.  With their debut single Last Night they were an instant success and are currently working on their fourth album that should be coming out sometime….

An interesting side not about the album is the difference between the British and US release.  Both having a different cover and one different song.  On the British album is the song New York City Cops.  Because the album was released weeks after the attack on 9-11 it was decided the song was not appropriate and that song was replaced by When it Started.  The cover for the British album (pictured above) was deemed inappropriate for American audiences and it was replaced with, in my opinion, this rather dull cover in comparison (pictured below).



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