The Flasher: Games That People Can Afford 3

Fat Slice


Play here at Kongregate

I hate to choose favorites, but this is definitely my fav of the two today. It’s a brilliant title that was released only… a month ago, still not far away. The title sounds like you slice fat people up or something, but it turns out to be an addictive (but frustrating) little gem of a game. The premise is this: you slice stuff, and this stuff has balls inside it. You’ll understand once you play the game. You can’t cut the balls into various sections, so they all have to stay inside one section of the and I’ve messed up this explanation entirely. Oh balls.

Spicing it up is a host of over a billion different shapes and things to slice up, from puppy dogs to dinosaurs, it never gets boring. The action is sort of made more frustrating because once you make a cock up (touching the balls or messing up) it takes more than 3 seconds to reset the level. It becomes so frustrating but still manages a flair of challenge around it. I myself haven’t beaten this little thing, I got to the dinosaur, but I’m sure you will have lots of fun slicing up fat shapes. Either that or you enjoy cutting things.


The Impossible Quiz 2


Play here at NotDoppler

This isn’t what you think it is. It’s not an intellectual quiz or a topical quiz, it’s an impossible quiz. Except I think it’s kind of wrong to call it that since it’s actually beatable, but I guess ‘The Frustratingly Hard Quiz 2’ doesn’t make much of an impact. Nevertheless, this title will have you not boggling your mind or testing your skills, it’ll just make you laugh. Just about all the questions mean the direct opposite of what you ask or you have to click something else other than the answer. It’s not really a quiz, it’s just a little romp to laugh at.

Staring down the barrel is over 130 questions, each will give you a laugh and since there’s no real time limit (although some questions have them) you don’t need to take any time. Some hardcore player will not rest until the whole game is beaten, and then they will brag with their PrtScrns about ”omg I beat the imposs quiz 2!111”, when really all they did was follow a guide. It’s hard to actually classify the Impossible Quiz 2 as an actual flash game, there’s no real gaming going on and it doesn’t exactly tickle your mind. All I’m going to say though, it’s a lot of fun.