Nintendo Wii – Take a Bath With a Buddy


I’m not sure if Nintendo is starting to have problems selling their systems, but I hardly think THIS is the way to fix the problem…

Nintendo is now offering three new bundles through for those of us who just want a little extra with our systems.  And hey, I’ll even give Nintendo some slogan ideas to go along with their great new bundles.

Now selling the Nintendo Wii Pirate Tattoo Bundle!  You know, just in case you were running low on your pirate tattoos.  Possible slogan:  Now you can be the coolest kid wearing a Pirate Tattoo sleeve EVER!


Wait, you say you already have more than enough Pirate Tattoo sleeves to satisfy you?  Well how about a Nintendo Wii Summer Fun Bundle!  This one comes with an awesome water gun!  (and probably a warning saying you shouldn’t use it in tandem with your Wii).  Possible Slogan:  Take a break from playing with your Wii and go shoot your friends… with FUN!


Doesn’t impress you?  Well fine, then the Nintendo Wii Take a Bath With a Buddy Bundle is perfect for you!  Possible Slogan:  Nintendo – Encouraging kids to step away from their Nintendo, and go take a bath every once and a while.  Surely you must be working up a sweat playing Wii Fit, and EA Active all the time.

Alternate Slogan:  Go take a break with your new little rubber friend courtesy of Nintendo.


What will they think of next…

Touche Nintendo… Touche…

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