P*N Store Deal Of The Day – July 7, 2009

Xbox 360 Live 12 Month Messenger Gold Pack

Today’s special in the P*N Store features not only a year of Xbox Live and an Xbox 360 chat pad, it also includes an Xbox 360 official headset. We aren’t going to stop there, and will top off this already sweet deal with a copy of Project Gotham Racing 4. Yes, you get a year of Xbox Live, a Xbox 360 headset and chat pad, and a copy of PGR4, all this for the low, low price of 55.96. This is a crazy good deal and even if your Xbox Live subscription isn’t going to expire soon, for this deal it is a must have for any Xbox Live gamer.

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  • Michael Cooper (Snaven Shake)

    Awesome deal.

  • If I had a 360, I’d be all over this. Even if you don’t want PGR 4, just go sell it and it makes the year of Live + headset + chatpad even cheaper!