P*N Store Deal Of The Day – July 8, 2009


Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adapter $76.99 down from $99.00

Wires are so 10 years ago.  Phones don’t have cords.  Controllers don’t have wires.  Puppets don’t have strings … wait, I’m getting word that some puppets do actually still have strings, but that doesn’t matter!  Why should you be a slave to your Ethernet cord?

The Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adapter frees you from your wall outlet slavery.  Installation is as easy and simple as plugging it in to your Xbox 360. A few seconds later, you can be on Xbox Live fragging 12 year old boys.  $100 dollars sound too expansive to go wireless?  Well today is you lucky day!  At the Platform Nation Amazon Store (the link is here and at the top of the page) you can get it for $76.00!  You can step into the wireless future and support your favorite gaming website in just a few clicks! Get the Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adapter and say goodbye to the stone age and hello to the (wireless) information age.

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