Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010 Review

Game Review: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010 (Xbox 360)
Release: June 8th, 2009
Genre: Golf Sim
Developer: EA
Available Platforms: X360, PS3, PS2, PSP, Wii
Players: 1-4
MSRP: $60

Golf is a very awesome game to play, When your good at it. But when your not good at Golf, then it can be the most annoying thing in the whole world. Unfortunately I suck at Golf. But still, Tiger Woods 2010 has to be the best golfing game I have played on a console, with plenty of improvements over last years game, it makes Tiger Woods 2010 the definitive golf game to play! (until next year anyway)

Keep in mind that this is a review of the Xbox 360 version. So this has nothing to do with any of the Wii Motion Plus features.

This game has 16 of the world best golf courses. All 18 holes designed with perfection, whether it be next to the sea with waves flickering with the sunlight. Or in the middle of the crowded forest with the dark trees casting shadows over the course. Each course has it’s own unique charm, and it designed in perfect accordance to the real-life version. In fact the courses aren’t the only thing that make this game very similar to its real life counterpart. You also have tournaments that are happening in the game that are also happening in the same time as the real-life tournaments, and with the live weather feature, you can even have the exact same weather on the golf course as the weather on the in-game golf course. This feature doesn’t really effect the game much, but its a nice feature to have.


Infact the whole online portion of the game is really well and smartly done. Along with the live-weather and the live-tournaments. The menu screen has been improved greatly. Down the bottom of the screen on a ticker, it shows live scores and news from not only golf, but other sporting events that are happening along with the other EA games that exist, such as basketball and hockey news etc…. One other amazing thing that happened to me unexpected in the menus was that all of a sudden I heard a voice start to talk, confused. I listened in, it turns out that it was some sports news. And not just fake sports news, i was live sports news as if it was been broadcast on a radio station and then being pumped into the game. Really awesome feature.

All of the things that surround the gameplay are totally different and exciting, but when in comes down to actually playing the game, then it is just like Tiger Woods games have always been. You hit the ball with either your analog stick, or using the 3 button method. And then if you hammer on the A button you will get a certain amount of boost. The only problem I had with the method I was using was it is really hard to know how hard you really should be hitting the ball, at times, i thought all I needed to do was to hit the ball slightly, but then when it came to landing, it landed in a bunker, and trust me, that happens ALOT. And the one thing that I wish the game had was a restart button, not restart the whole 18 holes, but just the one that you are on. I know this is cheating and easy. But getting to the 16th hole and the hitting the ball into the water 3 times in a row is very annoying. Because sometimes the game suggests you hit the ball over something that is just impossible at your characters skill level. The game does feature most of the usual bunch of golfers for you to play with, but when it comes down to doing tournaments, you have to design your own player, and then as you go throughout the tournaments you can improve your players skills, like power. But this doesn’t affect the gameplay that much, and most of the time you just with you were playing as Tiger Woods with his awesome maxed out stats.


Having four difficulty levels doesn’t really affect you that much, because even if the computer players suck. It totally depends on you. If you suck, then you won’t win. And the weather doesn’t really affect you as much anyway, it just changes the wind and how much your ball rolls when it lands. But in the game you do have some kind of constant challenge, and if you fail them it doesn’t really matter, but completing them means that you get more money. GamerNet challenges are things like, how far the ball has been hit from the tee. But in this case, most of the high scores are from people who have already upgraded the power on their player and then its just impossible to beat them unless you are very lucky with the bounce.

The customization of the character is still there, with you being able to scan into your face, and with me it did a fairly accurate remake of me. But most people would just prefer to slide a few sliders and be on their way with the game. Commentary is very repetitive and very annoying. So i would recommend turning it off after the first 10 holes because by then you would of already heard the same worn out lines. Offline mini games are available too, such as how close you can get to the hole, and H.O.R.S.E.


Final Thoughts: This is an amazing golf game and the best one that is available on any console at this time. With the new live online features, such as weather and tournaments. It gives a refreshing look on a golf game, and it should keep you going until next year.

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  • great review Adam, I was going to pass on this game but after reading your review I just might have to pick it up.

    I just checked the P*N store, it is for sale there for 56 dollars!


    I have this game on the wii, I have played it on the ps3 which is still a good game but the wii version is far superior in every way when played with the wii motion plus it accurately reflects your swing and this includes any adjustment you may make on the down swing with fade or draw. It has all the live weather and tournament but the added extra for the wii version is disk golf which is an entire game in it’s own right. If you want a true to life golf game then get this on the wii otherwise if you don’t have a wii then you’ll miss out