GI Joe The Rise Of Cobra Screenshots

Here’s some screenshots for the upcoming GI Joe The Rise of Cobra game that is developed by Double Helix and published by EA and is set to release August 2009 for the PSP, PS3, PS2, Wii, Ninteno DS,  Xbox 360.


I can’t wait to get my hands on this upcoming title as I was huge GI Joe fan back in the day.  I only have one concern and that is I hope the game and upcoming movie stay true to the GI Joe I know and love.

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  • I hope so too. But the trailers for the movie are distinctly Transformers-favored – So the original fans will hate it for the shoddy treatment of their childhood memories and the new kids won’t care about the license, it may as well be anything. Brilliant. I pray I’m wrong.

  • i have been watching GI Joe cartoons since childhood. a year ago, i was thinking why Hollywood has not yet created a movie version of GI JOE. I am very happy now that i can watch a movie version of my favorite cartoon show.