Modern Warfare 2: A Subtitle Once Again?

modern_warefare_2logoAccording to Robert Bowling’s Twitter feed–via Giant BombModern Warfare 2 has inherited the Call of Duty title once more. This shiny new picture confirms.cod

Playing the role of pseudo-psychiatrist, I have to ask: how does this revelation make you, the gaming community feel? Do you prefer a continuation of the Call of Duty franchise, or is Modern Warfare 2 better suited to become a whole new entity?

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  • I personally think they should have left it just Modern Warfare 2 but ohh well its all about marketing right

  • Looks good. WTF is with the giant torn up Capitol Building behind the fog?

  • FKBlegend

    Damn I only heard today that they had dropped the COD franchise, and now they MAY be picking it up again?

    I think that a gradual ease off the COD franchise would be best. ie: in the title always have the COD name stake very small. There PR need to refer to it as Modern Warfare. That way fans of the COD franchise will pick it up once again. Obviously Modern Warfare gamers will pick it up again. Hopefully Newbies will join along, and it leaves a chance for them in future titles to lesson further the impact of the COD, or completely get rid of it.

  • Maybe it’s because I follow the gaming industry so closely, but I think that this game would have sold just fine without the CoD title attached. It obviously has a CoD4 look to it, it’s got the Modern Warfare tag, and if someone is interested enough to make the pre-order, I would think they’d be interested enough to already know that Modern Warfare 2 is the sequel to CoD: Modern Warfare.
    Regardless, it isn’t going to change the fact that I want this game, I just think it’s a asinine move.

  • Backseat Boozer

    im fairly sure that similar box art came out for cod 4. strikingly similar. off to google!

  • Backseat Boozer

    i am mistaken. my apologies

  • racingfreak92

    no idea why they wouldnt use the COD name. one of the biggest franchises right now and would probably help move more units.

    regardless of the name it is a COD title, same engine, story, weapons and mechanics.

  • starcade

    While I suspect someday Infinity Ward will make a non Call of Duty game, Modern Warfare was a Call of Duty game, so I don’t see any reason why they’d drop the Call of Duty brand, which is well known, for the follow up.

  • Word has it that Infinity Ward isn’t happy with the quality of Treyarch’s CoD games (especially number 3). Since IW developed the first two CoD games, they probably have a strong personal dislike for anything that, er, detracts from the games they pioneered.

    After the massive success of CoD4: Modern Warfare, they have a lot more clout in the industry, and probably wanted to create something that would be exclusively theirs to create.

    Don’t take that as gospel, it’s just one of the theories that have been traded over the net, but it makes sense in a way. Infinity Ward is a quality developer and I could see them taking steps to prevent a bad reputation by association.