P*N For Humans Only: District 9


This website is for humans only.  Any non-humans please navigate away from this site now.  Platform Nation would like to take a break from our usual game, movie, and TV coverage to make sure all of our readers remain safe.  Please make sure that you are staying safe and healthy by staying away from any non-humans.  If you see any non-humans using human-only spaces or areas, do not engage them yourself.  Alert the authorities and let them handle the problem.  Do not try to see or talk with non-humans.  Remember that non-humans are not like us and should not be trusted or talked to.  If any non-humans are still reading this site then be warned, we are working with the government to find non-human law breakers and you have just made yourself a priority.  For more information please watch this video at the official Human Safety Website and the video on this page.  Be safe humans!

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