DLC Wave: Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires

Today marks the first day of KOEI providing Downloadable Content for their newly released “Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires” game for the PS3/360.

This first round of FREE DLC consists of the following:

Kempo Armor Set (for Men)kempo-armor-set-men

Royal Armor Set (for Men)


Artemis Armor Set (for Women)


Queen Armor Set (for Women)


Also available is the Background Music Track Pack #1

According to KOEI, they will have more DLC next week, and then they will release new content on a bi-weekly basis.

It’s good to see that KOEI is providing DLC for their game, when developers provide the fans with DLC well after the games initial release (see LittleBig Planet, and Burnout Paradise for examples) the fans are happy, they keep playing, and then tell their friends about the game.

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