Ghostbusters’ Fatal Bug


Now this isn’t going to affect many players, but it happened to me and I want to share that with you guys. Sometimes the PS3 (and possibly the Xbox 360) version of Ghostbusters can’t find your save data whatsoever. Picture the scene; after seeing it in the cinema at the age of four I wait for twenty-five years to get my hands on a really excellent simulation of what it’s like to be a Ghostbuster. There are some platform games and a few mods, a false start and a rocky development cycle for what turns out to be what we have here. A competent, immersing-if-stagey third-person shooter with a neat line in lassoing enemies and fan-service polish running throughout. I get it on day one and play through the hotel level, leaving off at midnight because I have to sleep. When I come back the next day. My save can’t be found.
I mean not at all.

So I check my memory. The game save is there. I log in on my other account, no joy. I turn it off and on again several times and I get nothing. So I begrudgingly, joylessly plod through the lengthy, staged level once again and get a lot further. I save before exiting this time and make sure I definitely hit a checkpoint. Start up immediately after to check. It’s there. My career is safe. Fire it up the next day. GONE! Out of there like… well, a ghost. I searched the net and found this. Apparently you can sort of fix it but you lose all your artifacts and scans. Now what I’ve just said may be inaccurate or misinformed, but whatever it is, whatever trick there is to recovering the data, this bug exists and it still hasn’t been patched. We shouldn’t have to play some weird internal debug trick to get our damn games to work. It was more than enough to get me to return the disc to the store. I’m going to have to wait for the 360 version, because here in the UK, Sony saw fit to hold that release back. The reasons for this are another story entirely.

I am racking my brains for a bug more absolutely game-breaking than this. Our saved data is our whole reason for playing. It would be like selling a new car that the wheels were prone to falling off of. How did this get through QC? Hopefully this won’t affect many people and it gets patched soon, but whatever your feelings are about the reduced quality of the graphics on the PS3 version, this, surely has to be worse. I love Ghostbusters almost as much as Greg Miller of IGN, but this is making me hate them like Extreme Ghostbusters never even managed. I just pray the Xbox version doesn’t suffer from this because I can’t play that Hotel level a fourth time.

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  • I had some serious issues with how the save system was when you went to load up a game. It was always telling me that it couldn’t be found. I was so worried of deleting my save every time I went to load a game

  • HuntingJake

    This happened to me, make sure you have the latest system update installed for your PS3. if you don’t install it and when you restart your console the save data should be there. if it is installed the save data should come back as if by magic within the next few days