Red Alert 3 Review

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Game Review: Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3
Release: Nov 11th, 2008
Genre: RTS
Developer: EA
Available Platforms: X360, PS3, PC, Mac Players: 1-2
MSRP: $20-$50 (X360 / PS3 / PC / Mac)
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ESRB Rating: 16+

Red Alert 3 is quite alot different from the other games in the series. You can play as three different factions and each faction has totally different unit types, and they all have their own unique powers and things that they can do to either attack the enemy or defend the bases that they created. Being able to have ground units, sky units and even water units make the variety in campaign levels very random which switch the gameplay around mission to mission.


Your strategies have to go along with what is happening becuase multiple times throughout the campaign, i’ve had one last desperate push thinking that i’ve finished the mission and then all of a sudden, there will be another wave of enemies heading my way. Which means that I have to pump out as many troops as i can. If you do get desperate in this game, you have plenty of special attacks that you can control in a god-like mode. One of these is being able to suck up enemy units into some kind of space teleporter, this will take the enemy unit off the battlefield and destroy them. Another one is the typical shooting down death from the sky and destroying a certain radius of enemies.

Did i forget to mention that the story starts when Albert Einstein dies? No. Well it does. And the cutscenes in this game are AMAZING, literally, the best cutscenes i have ever seen. They are all live action but at times feature lots of awesome graphics and things. The actors that are in the cutscenes are quite popular actors, such as one is the guy from the first season of Prison Break (Peter Stormare) and even Georgie Takei from Heroes is in the game. The cutscenes look amazing on my 1080p and they are at the start of every mission and also in the corners of missions.


When it comes to actually building all of your buildings and playing the game, it is quite simple. After playing with the Halo Wars control scheme, it makes me wish that this control scheme was as easy as this is a PC port. But controlling all of the units and the things that you have to keep control of wouldn’t be possible with any other control scheme, especially becuase at times you have to manage sending all your ground units to garrison a building, sending a mechanic to fix the anti-air turrets and also getting your tanks to shoot the incoming ships. Playing this game online in a co-op match is also do-able but if you can’t find anyone else online then the AI in this game is quite remarkable so you will always be assured that you have a teammate to cover your back.


The game does a really good job at presenting totally different situations with each mission, and even though at times it does get a bit tedious when wave after wave are coming to attack you and you have to keep going to build units. The three different campaigns, the amazing cutscenes, and the acceptable in-game action means that the game does keep you interested and is a perfect addition to any RTS fan.

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