Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition Unboxing Video

Straight from, Robert Bowling aka fourzerotwo, Modern Warfare 2 Community Manager, breaks down the 3 editions of Modern Warfare 2 and teases everyone, myself included, what is included in the Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition.

After watching this video I am so excited for not only this game but what I now feel is the best “Limited” edition of any game out on the market. It comes will FULLY FUNCTIONAL NIGHT VISION GOGGLES!! How crazy is that! You get the NVG’s along with many other more things, just watch the video to see all the cool features that will be coming along with this edition.

Now my question for you guys is, what version are you getting?

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  • I would love to get my hands on the prestige edition!

  • Cro

    im getting this but im still wondering how much is it

  • racingfreak92

    Would will you get? This or a PS3? Im sure they will be in the same price range

  • starcade

    The thought crossed my mind that if expensive enough, it would surely limit other purchases during the holiday.

    Could you imagine the Sony PS3 + Modern Warefare 2 Prestige Edition bundle?

    Of course I’m sure the first copies– not to mention if it’s initially scarce will pop up on E-bay for some outrageous sum.

    Even though it’s NOT something I need, nor would I ever really consider purchasing on it’s own, I’m somehow oddly curious about the prestige edition now.

    The biggest question on everyone’s mind…. How much is it going to cost?

  • I’m guessing $149-$179 for the Prestige Edition.

  • starcade

    Well, it’s official… $149 for PE

  • That’s a pass for me. I’ll wait till the regular edition drops in price.

  • Cro

    gemini you will have to wait bout a year for it to drop and im still wondering how much but which stores are selling them i dont think game stop is checked there website yesterday so hopefully best buy will have it

  • As cool as it would be to get a nifty pair of NV goggles, $!50 for the goggles alone seems cheap (although I don’t actually know the running price for NV), let alone the goggles with a game and art book. I feel like the Prestige Edition is going to be more of a cheap knock-off than anything. For me, it’ll either be the traditional $60 version or the Limited $80 one.

  • Cro

    i love how every body is forgeting bout the sculpted head of soap mctavish

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