Guinness Record Challenge for Charity

PROJEKT REVIVAL has decided that they will attempt to beat the World Record for ‘Longest Consecutive Time Playing a First Person Shooter’ with Gears of War 2. While they are aware that Gears 2 is NOT a first person shooter, they are currently in communication with the people over at the Guinness Book to see if the record can either be edited to read ‘Longest Consecutive Time playing a shooter’ or adding a new record to the book for third person shooters.
As of now, they are attempting this on August 11th in Bluffton, IN. Their local Blockbuster has been kind enough to donate space for them to attempt this record. According to a representative from PROJEKT REVIVAL the mayor of the Mayor of Bluffton will be in attendance to kick this event off.
The reason they are most proud of this record attempting day is that 100% of the profits/proceeds will go to the Riley Children’s Foundation. I think it’s great that even if this is an attempt at a world record, they are still trying to give something to those who are ill and in need of assistance.

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