iMEvil Soundboard Is Available Today

Today is the day Evil descends upon iPhones & iPod Touches across the world as TechPad Productions announces the availability of their  App. It’s  available on the Apple iTunes App Store for 1.99 and is ready to give goosebumps to the unsuspecting masses.

As you may remember, iMEvil is a soundboard created by TechPad Productions. They were able to use the voice talent of David Sobolov to create the first Screen Actors Guild approved App. They also promise frequent future updates. It’s good to see Apps providing updates to their content to keep things fresh. Longevity in an App is a good thing.

A preview of this app is coming soon; In the meantime, if you buy this Soundboard tell me what you think of it, as the creators of this app actually want user feedback and wants their next soundboard to be “Fan approved”

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  • I love this app, great value, use it to prank your friends or just enjoy the voice of the Arbiter from Halo Wars!