Create Your Own Rock Band Tracks

Harmonix has announced the Rock Band Network today. The network will allow for artists, labels, and studios to bring their songs to the Rock Band music store. Not only will they be given the same authoring tools that Harmonix uses, they will be allowed to actually make money off the tracks they sell.


Use our tools to author playable tracks. Upload and submit your tracks for review by the Rock Band Creators community. Approved tracks become available in the Rock Band Store and on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace*, and you get a cut of every purchase.

Once a song has passed through the authoring process, which includes getting feedback from the Creator community, it will immediately go up in the Rock Band marketplace on Xbox Live.

This sounds pretty amazing and should really cause the marketplace to explode with new content once up and running. It does sound like you need to pay a yearly fee to be in the Creators club. This stands in stark contrast to Guitar Hero’s song creation suite that allows anyone to create a song and list it.

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