Some Other Podcast, Episode 19: Not Enough Fun in Your Yun

Dear Internet: We’re sorry.  Very sorry.  This podcast goes off the rails in a hurry, in large part due to the movie we watched beforehand (this week, it’s Silent Hill), which we discuss as the first of this segment that hasn’t made us want to stab out our own eyes.  If that’s not enough, we also lament delayed releases, confirm Square-Enix’s outright purchase of Japan, and discover Leah’s latent time-warping abilities.  Now with extra Jack Thompson!

Fight Night Round 4



Persona 3

Crimson Gem Saga


World of Warcraft

Bioshock 2 moved to Q1 2010

Dragon Quest IX sells 2.34 million copies in 2 days in Japan

Midway to change name following acquisition by WB Interactive

Blazblue sells more copies on PS3 than on 360

Jack Thompson facing federal disbarment

Fight Night to get 2 free patches

User-generated LBP content will hopefully be backwards-compatible with LBP2

Netflix coming to Sony Bravia TVs, but still not to PS3

XBLA Summer of Arcade schedule

Fallout 3 PS3 content delayed until end of September, starting with Broken Steel

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